Lambs For Sale
All of our 2016 lambs are here, and we have one more goat to kid!  We got 71 lambs this spring between February and March!  It's been a crazy spring!  The babies will be photographed and listed in the next few weeks.  Feel free to call and ask for what you are looking for in the mean time, I have already sold almost 20 of these little darlings.  Get yours on hold before they are gone!  We have white, black, brown, fawn, grey, black pied, fawn pied and brown pied lambs for sale.  Several proven yearling and older ewes are available also.  And, we have several Wensleydale-Finn cross lambs for sale.

The oberhaslis have given me two bucklings.  We lost two bucklings severely prematurely, and our one doeling is already sold.

The Saanen does were all bred to my own Oberhasli bucks this year.  This creates a truly beautiful cross:  they vary from white to cream, with cream to tan legs, and black stripes down their backs.  They are mostly polled, thanks to my polled Ober buck, Jasper.  Two were disbudded by the vet, under anesthesia.  I missed one, I thought she was polled, but she's growing horns.  So, if you want a great milk goat who has horns, she's your girl.

2016 Finn Lambs for sale:   
Ram lambs.
Eleven black ram lambs.
Seven white ram lambs. 
Five brown ram lambs.
One brown pied ram lamb.
Three fawn pied ram lambs.
One black pied ram lamb.

New pictures will be up soon.
Ewe lambs:  
Six black ewe lambs.
Six brown ewe lambs. 
Six white ewe lambs.
Two black pied ewe lambs.
One grey ewe lamb.

We have eight Wensleydale x Finns:

Six are white (two ewes, four rams), one black ewe and one grey ewe.

There are more, I will list soon.
New pictures will be up soon.
Cute photos from the past:
This is our smallest lamb ever, (so far)!  Snippet was born as a twin, weighing less than two pounds.  Her twin is a pretty brown ewe lamb that weighed 6 pounds.  Snippet just wasn't strong enough to keep up with her larger sister, so we brought her in the house to maximize her nutrition and growth potential. 
  This is Paikka as a lamb.  He is in the ram section now, and is one of my herd sires.  He greyed out before one year of age.
Like mother, like daughter!
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