The Sheep
We started with a small commercial flock of Katahdin and Katahdin cross ewes, one Katahdin ram and one Dorper ram as a means to keep our twenty acres from being a fire hazard in the summer. 
I had so much fun with the commercial flock, that I decided to branch into an all-purpose breed that might actually pay for itself in the long run.  After extensive research, I decided on Finn sheep, or Finnish Landrace as they are known in the country they came from.  Finns are a lovely, multi-purpose breed that has a beautiful, fine, lustrous fleece; excellent milking capabilities; excellent mothering abilities; sweet, non-gamey meat; and they produce litters (3 to 6) of lambs when they are mature!  They are very docile and tame with very little handling. 
We currently have one of the largest selection of Finnsheep for sale in California!  We have adult stock for sale year round, and lambs available seasonally.  Contact us any time  if you are interested in mature or proven stock.

We are trying to down size.  I let things get a little out of hand, and we had 79 ewes this year.  We moved the sheep into a converted greenhouse, and built more lambing jugs, but I need to get things back under control!  We are having a sheep fire sale!  I will be updating the website with lambs, and most of the ewes and rams are for sale.

We still have several yearling lambs to lamb in the next month. 
 Contact us if you want to reserve a special lamb before it's born, or request a specific pairing for next year. 
 The 2018 lambing season is well under way!  We already have 59 lambs as of February 25, 2017!  Scroll down to the ewes to see who has had what!
Finn Rams
Sire:  3L-9-70 Zypher
Dam:  Wee Croft 3014 AI Dolly
Brown, Triplet.  He is a gorgeous, big ram, with a gorgeous fleece.
 Breeze died this summer while off at a friend's grazing down pasture.  But he has left an amazing legacy behind, in beautiful, sweet lambs with docile personalities and gorgeous fleeces.
                   3L 10-006
Sire: Wee Croft The Chocolate Man
 Dam:  3L 8-11 (QD GR)
Black, Triplet.  Beautiful crimpy fleece.   Big boy.  He is my biggest ram. 

For Sale $250    He is a huge, sweet boy, with a beautiful fleece and good productivity behind him.  He is just too closely related to most of my flock at this point.  He needs a new flock.                                                                                                                              
Sire:  "ED Rammie" FF0045
Dam:  "ED Rosie" WC0149
White, triplet
Appears to be homozygous for white.  Hasn't produced anything but white, even bred to colored ewes.
For Sale $300  Nice stocky ram with a thick, crimpy fleece.
Sire:  Washington 3L-736
Dam:  Sepia ED#102
Brown, triplet
Medium brown fleece with lots of crimp and small amount of silvery grey throughout it. 
Dakota died this summer while at a friend's grazing down grass.  He also left behind a lot of beautiful lambs with soft, crimpy fleeces.

Medley 11-003
Sire:  Remington
Dam:  Truffle
Brown, Quadruplet  
He has a deep beautiful rich fleece with lots of crimp.  His fleece was my shearer's favorite of all the rams last year.  This one is a pet.  Not for sale.  He is just too sweet and gentle, and has a delightful crimpy fleece with very little greying or silvering in it.
Medley 12-017
Sire:  Graham, 3L 9-61, Brown
Dam:  Maera, 3L-222, white
Black, twin.
Almost entirely black, and holding his true black color, no fading.  He carries a brown gene and a pied gene from his grandsire, Eino, who came from semen from Finland.  This ram breeds true black fleeces into his lambs.  Many of his lambs never grey out.  Not for sale.
Medley 12-018
Sire:  Deacon, 3L 9-85, black triplet
Dam:  Mochi, 3L 11-295, black triplet
Fading black single from a yearling that was bred, then shipped.  He carries a spotting gene and a brown gene.  He is the color of steel wool (no pun intended)!
For Sale $250  Dango has silvered out to the most beautiful silvery grey color, and has different genetics than many of my animals.  He would make a great herd sire to take withjust about any of my ewes.
Medley 12-019
Sire:  Mr. Spot, black Piebald triplet
Dam:  Smokey, grey quadruplet.
Grey piebald, twin, photographed at age 2.
His spots have completely faded before one year of age, he looks silver now.  His fleece was my shearer's favorite year year before last.

Pikku caught a nasty pneumonia two years ago and despite multiple rounds of antibiotics, he succumbed to it a few months later.  He was my first grey and first pied sire and had the most fine fleece of all my rams.

         Medley 13-030
Sire:  Pikku, grey and white pied twin
Dam:  Godiva, fawn twin
Grey pied, twin, photo at age 14mos.
I made the mistake of selling his mother before I realized how wonderful her fleece was.  He has the same tight, crimpy, high luster fleece, so I kept him.

For Sale $300  Paikka's fleece turned out at least as nice, if not better than his sire's (Pikku).  His mother, Godiva was purchased by a hand spinner who just loves it's buttery brown color and super high crimp.  His fleece is just like that as well.
Finn Ewes
Sire:  Wee Croft The Chocolate Man
Dam:  Witt 3-97
Fading Black, Quadruplet.
Lambing record is 2-3-4-1-3-1+2-2.
Bred to Sherriff, my new white ram with the R gene.  Due in March.

Sire:  3L 9-68 Acheron (TW WH)
Dam:  3L 8-69(QD WH)
Homozygous White,Triplet
Lambing record: 2-2-4-3-5-3. 

 Bred to Sherriff for white lambs.  Lambed 2-27-18 with quadruplet white  lambs.  Three ewes and one ram.
Sire:  3L 9-50 Atlas (QT WH)
Dam:  3L 9-08 (TW WH)
Black, Triplet.

 Lambing record is 0/1-4-2-2+3-2-1-2. 

Bred to Captain Hook, my new badger ram who carries an R gene.  Lambed twins, lost one, has a grey pied ram lamb.
Medley 11-007 Sonar
Sire:  3L 10-119 Breeze(BR TR)
Dam:  3L 10-055 Godiva (FA TW)
Brown single.
Lambing record: 2-1-4-2-1-3-4. 

 Bred to Captain Hook.   Lambed quadruplets on 1-17-18. 
Two badger ewes, a badger ram and a black ram.  The black ram and one of the badger ewes have already been sold.  These lambs are being bottle fed to help mom, and they are super tame.

                  WC 3023
Sire:  Zachary
Dam:  Brennah
Gray, Quad
Lambing record:  2-2-3-3-3-2-2-1+1-1-2
I'm really excited about this girl:  great size, amazing silvery fleece, and she carries genes for spots and brown.  And she's a complete outcross.  Her genetic potential in my flock is unlimited! 
Bred to Captain Hook for black, brown, grey and fawn and badger lambs. 
Lambed 2-19-18 with twins:  a grey ewe that looks like she has a cape, and a pied badger ram.  She didn't make enough milk for these lambs, so I am assisting her with bottle feedings.  Super cute and very tame.
Sire:  Bjorn
Dam:  3L-1-16
Black(fading), triplet
Lambing record:  2-4-2-2-3-2-1-5-3.
 Not bred this year, she's now in retirement. Bambi died of old age this year.  She was 14, had lambs until her 13th year, and quintuplets at twelve!
                 3L 11-222
Sire:  Atlas (Wh)
Dam:  3L-9-67
White, quad, heterozygous for white.  So far has only produced white or black lambs.
Lambing record: 2-3-3-4-4. 
 Bred to Sherriff. Lambed 2-17-18:  quadruplets.  Three white rams, and one black ram.  They were pretty small, so I'm helping her feed them to fatten them up.
Sire:  Graybeard (B/W Pied)
Dam:  WC 3023 (Smokey) (Gr)
Black, triplet
carries spotting gene
Lambing record: 1-2-2+2-0-2.
For Sale
Bred to Rivet for white lambs. Lambed white twin rams 2-1-17.
Sire:  Breeze (Br/Triplet)
Dam:  Truffle (Br/Quad)
Fading brown, single.
Lambing record:  0-5-3-5-3.
Very large, well put together girl. Her mother has a great lambing record, I'm not worried that she's a single. And she's proven me right!  Thirteen lambs in three years!
 Bred to Hans, my new East Friesian Dairy ram, for increased milk production lambs.
Lambed with triplet black ewes on 3-23-17
Sire:  Remington (BL/Triplet)
Dam:  Calypso (Bl/Quad)
Brown quadruplet, carries pied gene.
Lambing record: 1-2-2-3-3.
 Bred to Pikku .  Lambed triplets:  fawn pied ewe (died), loud black pied ewe, muted black pied ram 2-1-17. 
Sire:  Breeze (Br/Triplet)
Dam:  Ensi (Wh/Quintuplet)
Brown triplet, carries pied gene.
Lambing record: 2-3-2-5-3.
 Bred to Bred to Hans, my new East Friesian Dairy ram for lambs with increased milk production.  Lambed triplets on 3-21-17.  A black ewe, a black, ram and a white ewe.
Sire:  Stryker, 3L 9-88, (Bl/Twin)
Dam:  Titania, 3L 11-273 (Bl,Triplet)
Black twin, carries a brown gene.
Lambing record:  1-3-3-3-1.
Bred to Bred to Breeze for balck and brown lambs.  Lambed a single, huge black ram lamb on 2-13-17.

13-027 Carmelita
Sire:  Dakota (Br/triplet)
Dam:  Cupcake (Fading black/Quad)
Brown ewe, twin

Lambing record:  1-2-1.

Bred to Argos for black and brown lambs.  I believe she lambed the same day as another ewe, I was not home.  My husband found the other ewe and four lambs in the barn and locked them in a lambing jug.  The ewe was rejecting two of the lambs.  I think they were Carmelitas.  I will never know for sure.

Not pictured:
13-040  Noki
Sire:  Breeze
Dam:  Smokey
Grey ewe, twin

Lambing record:  1-1-2-2.

Bred to Mousse.  Lambed twins 2-7-17.  One fawn pied ram, one black ewe.

14-031  Edna

Sire:  Dango

Dam:  Tuuli

Black Pied Triplet

Lambing record:  1-

Bred to Pikku.  Lambed twins on 1-31-17. 
One black pied ram and one brown pied ram.

14-102  Apple Brown Betty

Sire:  Argos

Dam:  Truffle

Brown Twin

Bred to Hans, my new East Friesian Dairy Ram for high milk production lambs.
Lambed 3-27-17 with twins, a white ewe and a black ram.


Sire:  Argos

Dam:  Calypso

Black Triplet

Bred to Pikku.  Lambed 2-1-17, triplets.  Black ewe, black ram, black pied ewe.
14-041  Bernese

 Sire:  Pikku

Dam:  13-001 Toffee

Grey Piebald/Reverse Badger

Bred to Argos for Black, grey and badger lambs.  Lambed on 2-1-17 with a black ram and a black ewe.

14-115 Mindy

Sire:    Boulder Ridge 117 Xenophon (white ram)

Dam:  KSB 409 Peaches (white ewe)
Mindy is a white triplet ewe that I traded stock with someone for to open up genetic diversity.  

Bred to Rivet .  Lambed 2-1-17, triplet white ewes.

14-116 Mandy

Sire:  Boulder Ridge 117 Xenophon (white ram)

Dam:  KSB 409 Peaches (white ewe)

White triplet, Mindy's sister.

Bred to Rivet .  Lambed 2-3-17, white triplets. Two ewes, one ram.

14-117  Macy

Sire:  Boulder Ridge 117 Xenophon

Dam:KSB 409 Peaches

White triplet, also Mindy's and Mandy's sister.

Bred to Rivet .  Lambed 2-7-17, white triplets. Two rams, one ewe.  The ewe lamb was lost due to mom not getting her out of the sac, and I entered the barn too late to save her.

15-001 Bianca

Sire:  Paikka

Dam:  10-075 Ensi

white triplet

Lambing record:  1-

Bred to Breeze for all colors and potentially pied lambs.

15-017 Paris

Sire:  Paikka

Dam:  Eclaire

Fawn pied triplet

Lambing record:  1-4

Bred to Argos for black, brown, fawn and grey lambs.

Lambed 1-21-17:  Quadruplets!  Lambs are grey pied ram, fawn ram, a black pied ewe and a brown ewe. 

15-010 Jazz

Sire:  Argos

Dam:  Zydeco

Brown twin

Lambing record:  1-

Bred to Rivet for white lambs. ( bred 9-5)  Due 2-1-17 to 2-5-17

 14-058  Sulka

Sire:  Dakota

Dam:  Sonar

Brown, quadruplet

Lambing record:  2-

Bred to Argos for black and brown lambs.





Bred to       . 

Lambed 1-22-17 with triplets.  One white ram, one white ewe, and one brown pied ewe.  She was part of a jail break (clearly, I need to fortify some fences! ) I believe the whites are Rivet's, and the brown pied is Argos'.  I will DNA test them prior to sale.  Those were the two rams that broke down fencing, fighting through it.  She was originally in with Argos.

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