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Grand Champion Burmack's National Treasure at Medley RN BN


I was fortunate to have Jim Burrows and Patrick Mackensey of Burmack Manchesters entrust the care of this adorable little dynamo into my hands. I used to think "if you have to bend over to pet it, it's not a real dog". Honor (and Cricket, my foundation Standard bitch) have completely changed my opinion on that point. 

Honor has been playing with my big dogs his entire life. He has no idea he only weighs eleven pounds. He was seriously injured at eight months, possibly by playing with one of the big dogs (I'll never know for certain). He fractured his right hip in the growth plate. With rehab he came back to gain ten of his Championship points by going Best of Variety over Specials from the classes, and won his Grand Championship in short order. He is now learning to do agility, tracking and obedience, and he excels in all fields. He's such a player, we'll probably try Earthdog, too. But he's so sweet I'm not sure he'll want to "get rats"!

He is von Willebrand's CLEAR, Thyroid Normal, Legges-Calves-Perthes clear.

Sire: CH Burmack Gaenja's Tucker

Dam: CH Dee's Ginger v. Burmack

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