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Medley's Shaken Not Stirred


Sire: CH Wyndem's Knight's Quest

Dam: Medley's All Shook Up

After twenty-three years in Dobermans,Twist is my first Doberman to carry the Medley kennel name. What a proud day! He is a very sweet, loveable dog and very standard! He's twenty-seven inches tall, eighty one pounds, and square! He has a ton of bone and substance, like his mother, and style, like his father! This amazing male intact Doberman lives peacefully with an intact male Standard Manchester Terrier, and an intact male Toy Manchester Terrier! You can't beat that for temperament with other animals. He also lives peacefully with my nine cats and all the sheep.

Twist got Reserve Winners Dog ribbons each weekend, the first two weekends I took him out, from the six to nine puppy class. I started showing him in Bred By Exhibitor, and then took him out to grow up a little. But he'll be back. Watch for him in the show ring. 

In the interim, he's taking Agility classes and working on Obedience to maintain his socialization and good manners.

Sadly, we lost Twist suddenly at the age of six to sudden death we can only assume was related to his heart. We were out of town and the sitter couldn't contact us. It happened on a Sunday and the Vet didn't feel a necropsy was important, so we will never know what actually caused his death.

These were the only photos I could find of Twist. He's playing with his littermate brother, at the age of two. 

They hadn't seen each other since they were four months old. But anyone who knows Dobermans, knows it is rare that you can let two males play together at this age, even if one is neutered! 

Twist is the red male.

The black male is his brother, Romeo: Medley's Shakespeare.

Twist got his first point at Carson City, in October, 2011.

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