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We currently have no Doberman puppies available or planned in the near future. 

Please call the Northern California Doberman Pinscher Club's Breeder Referral liason: Marj Brooks in Santa Rosa

We have Manchester puppies on the way!!!!

Due June 2020

Previous litters:

born June 6, 2013

Sire: MBISS GCH Oasis Hi Jack the Show

Dam: GCH Medley's The Hot Rock 

And here they are! They will be our "Magic" litter, because they were conceived at Magic Mountain!

Two boys and two girls.

Bijou's last litter produced six lovely babies. Five are Champions. Three are Grand Champions, four have performance titles, one MACH Agility title, and two are already in the Hall of Fame, a third is on the way!

We expect great things from this litter as well!

Three of these four puppies finished their championships before they reached one year of age.

This litter was a little more labor intensive than most, because Bijou got mastitis and had low milk production for the first week or so. We had to bottle feed the babies to make sure they got enough to eat. Luckily, I also raise dairy goats, so they got fresh goat's milk every day.

These are Joker x Pepper puppies, born January 2012, three girls and a boy.

Green collared pup is the boy.


Lives with Sarah Berrend in the Bay area. She is already a GCH, and working on her National rankings!


Lives with Lisa Wysminity in Canada, and is a CH there. Since Lisa is a professional photographer, my best photos of Manchesters are of Journey!


Lives with a wonderful family in Southern Californias.


Lives with a friend in Canada, where he helps manage a ranch of elk and bison!

Pip x Joker puppies arrived on 3-13-12

Four boys and three girls!!!

Sire: CH Medley's Gangster of Love v Rainsong RN, BN, CGC, TT


Dam: GCH Medley's Hot Apple Cider RA, BN, CGC

Poor little Pip only weighs 14 pounds. Seven puppies was an enormous undertaking for her, and she did a magnificent job. She was one of the best mommies we've ever had!

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