Lambs For Sale
2014 lambs are due starting Valentine's Day (February 14, 2014).
Call and reserve yours now!  They sell fast.  We will reserve a lamb for you for $50 before it's born.  If the ewe doesn't have what you request, we will change the reservation to a ewe that does have your color and sex preference, or refund your money.
2014 Finn Lambs for sale:   
List and photos coming soon.
We have 50 lambs for sale, call if you are interested in one (or more).  We have white, black and brown in both ewe and ram lambs.  Most will be weaned and ready to go in May.
Cute photos from the past:
This is our smallest lamb ever, (so far)!  Snippet was born as a twin, weighing less than two pounds.  Her twin is a pretty brown ewe lamb that weighed 6 pounds.  Snippet just wasn't strong enough to keep up with her larger sister, so we brought her in the house to maximize her nutrition and growth potential.  She comes out to the barn with me while I do chores, and her personal favorite is Tank, our half Pyrenees, half Anatolian shepherd livestock guardian dog.  He thinks she's pretty cute, too, until she tries to nurse off of him.  Then he just leaps over her and takes off to let her think about her odd behavior!
We got our first crop of pied lambs this year.  Last year, I bought Smokey bred to a pied ram.  She gave me twin pied ram lambs.  I kept my favorite of the two, and he produced pied lambs in over 75% of the ewes he was bred to this year.  Plus, Breeze produced some pied lambs this year. So, I guess we have pied genetics in the flock!  This adorable ram is for sale.  He is greying quickly.  His Eartag number is 13-030.
Like mother, like daughter!
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