Lambs For Sale
All spring 2014 lambs have been sold.  I have bred six ewes to lamb in December, and 5 have lambed already.  We have 9 adorable new lambs to bring in the new year.  Eight black and one brown, 6 rams and 3 ewes.
2014/2015 Finn Lambs for sale:   
Ram lambs.
Six black ram lambs.
One white ram lamb. 
New pictures will be up soon.
Ewe lambs:  
Two black ewe lambs.
One brown ewe lamb. 
One white ewe lamb.
One brown pied ewe lamb.
New pictures will be up soon.
Cute photos from the past:
This is our smallest lamb ever, (so far)!  Snippet was born as a twin, weighing less than two pounds.  Her twin is a pretty brown ewe lamb that weighed 6 pounds.  Snippet just wasn't strong enough to keep up with her larger sister, so we brought her in the house to maximize her nutrition and growth potential. 
  This is Paikka as a lamb.  He is in the ram section now, and is one of my herd sires.  He greyed out before one year of age.
Like mother, like daughter!
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